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Mobile Data Now Limited

MobileDataNow provides a platform for accessing business data and applications by simply using the messaging applications users have on their mobile phones and are already familiar with, such as email, SMS and instant messaging. This allows an organization to give their employees and customers self-service access to the organizations business information.
The simplicity of the MobileDataNow solution enables an organization to improve customer and employee satisfaction and cut costs.

The flexible platform allows administrators to connect to multiple databases and web services and quickly create access for all users without the need to install software on the target device.
Using the latest technology, the MobileDataNow application combines the usability of desktop software with the benefits of Web deployment. The end result is a dynamic experience that enables quick and easy setup and administration.

Founded in 2001, taken over and restructured in 2006 and headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, MobileDataNow is led by an experienced management and engineering team focused on enabling businesses to take their business data and applications mobile.

Companies worldwide will use MobileDataNow's platform to support core business goals by making business data and applications more accessible, more immediate and more effective, while also reducing costs.

The Problem

The mobile world is a mess of different devices, operating systems, proprietary technology and consequently it is difficult to develop applications to work on all these devices. Additionally, desktop software is difficult to successfully replicate on mobile devices, and results in users having to login, navigate cumbersome menus and drain batteries with high bandwidth usage. This is frustrating and a time waster for companies wanting to deploy data across a range of devices to their users.

Existing solutions to mobilize business data and applications have often involved months of preparation, development and expensive deployments, often with mixed results as they attempt to fit a desktop application on to a mobile device.
  • Replicating desktop software on to mobile devices often results in clumsy graphical user interfaces.
  • Deployment to a range of devices is time consuming and costly, not to mention the potential problems with loading and using software on these devices.
  • The user often has to learn how to use a new type of application, rather than ones they are familiar with.
  • Adding new features is an expensive and time consuming exercise.
  • The end user is often not able to extract their data from different devices and in different ways according to how they work.
  • Getting information relevant to the end user has been secondary to receiving irrelevant content from mobile providers.

The End User Experience

Mobile applications in general need to respond to the very specific communication and service usage patterns of mobile end users.
Mobile Users are mainly on the move, they just have very limited time available for service usage.

In a business environment end users often have to comply in addition to the pressure of operational efficiency which leads to even more time constraints. Successful mobile applications in a business environment will therefore also in the future continue to be immediate, reliable, straightforward, familiar and ergonomic.
The most common services are therefore SMS and email because they fit perfectly well into the very specific communication needs and constraints of mobile customers.

The success of SMS was driven by the end users, not mobile operators who tried to impose “fancy” new services to their customers.
It is of crucial importance that mobile end users accept the services right from the start in order to avoid usage frustration which, in the mobile environment, often leads to service rejection.

The MobileDataNow Solution

MobileDataNow is dedicated to advancing the mobile experience. Its core technology to connect multiple databases and web services, manage users and display relevant business data by simply using the messaging applications already on a users phone is the foundation for accessing mobile information for a speedy user experience.

MobileDataNow's user interface design increases the speed of deployment for administrators to their users, delivery of data, the user experience and ultimately improves the bottom line. The ability to manage business data, set data view permissions and create custom queries for users powers the organization to deliver the right business data in the best possible format to users.

MobileDataNow does not require client end-users to install additional software to receive their data - the data can be received instantly via email, SMS or instant messaging. This is important in that end-users do not have to learn how to use another application and administrators do not need to worry about installing third party software which may have bugs and compromise security. Additionally, it works with all of today and tomorrow's mobile phones with messaging capabilities from any manufacturer.

Target Industries and Customers

MobileDataNow markets to organizations who have the need for their employees and customers to get relevant data while mobile. Specifically, these can be broken down in to three categories.
  • Employees who need to retrieve, add or update relevant business data on their mobile device
  • Organizations who wish to let their customers access information while mobile
  • Organizations who wish to give the general public access to certain information

Target industries include:
  • Large verticals (sales, online travel, healthcare, financial services and retail organizations)
  • Mid-size business to consumer and business to business companies
  • Small businesses wishing to mobilize their applications
  • Independent software vendors wishing to mobilize their applications for their customers

MobileDataNow is completely free for one user. This lets users try the software and experiment with it as much as they wish, without any time limits. This strategy appeals to and helps foster a larger community of users, which in turn helps make MobileDataNow the type of application they want to use. Companies can add existing users as they need them by purchasing licenses from authorized resellers.

Applications that will benefit the most from Mobile Data Now share some of the following characteristics:

  • People focused (Sales and Contact management, CRM, information retrieval)
  • Information to suppliers and customers
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Deployment to large numbers of users (mashups of information and services)

With MobileDataNow, these organizations can provide better customer service, increased satisfaction and reduce costs by letting customers and employees access information directly, unlike applications implemented using thick client tools, which suffer from difficult deployment, expensive and complex development and low user satisfaction.

MobileDataNow Competitive Advantage

MobileDataNow lays the foundation for a new class of mobile data applications that radically improve the availability of relevant data to end users. With extensive industry experience and expertise in deploying mobile solutions, MobileDataNow provides the only mobile data application platform that:
  • Provides access to all data, anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Allows deployments that run on any mobile device.
  • Offers the ability to easily customize the end-user experience
  • Allows any changes to be made in minutess.
  • Is future-proofed against changes in client environment
  • Provides a breakthrough, administrator experience

With a robust, customer-proven, mobile data deployment product, MobileDataNow has the right platform and strategy to lay the groundwork for users to finally get relevant business data in a quick and accessible way.

Sold Exclusively through Resellers

MobileDataNow licenses are only available through authorized resellers. Pricing starts at $150 with a range of different licensing options.

The MobileDataNow Platform

MobileDataNow is available for download at


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