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This sort of solution is exactly what SMBs have been clamoring for.
- Steve Hilton, Analyst
Yankee Group

Google SMS for businesses

- Techcrunch


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Use email, sms or instant messaging to
query database and webservice information

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Query information from any database via messaging

MobileDataNow enables you to query a database from your phone by simply sending a message (email, SMS or instant message) with a keyword. Once MobileDataNow receives your message, it queries the database with your request, formats the response and you'll get the answer back instantly.

Typical uses are to give self-service access to customers, or employees access to customer and product info. Since its simply messaging, there's no need to have software on phones (all phones are supported) and since everyone knows how to send a message, its easy to use. MobileDataNow gives options to retrieve, add or update database information depending on permissions. This is free open source software.

Works with all phones

Supports all mobile phones

No client software. No syncing. Future proof. Uses the inbuilt messaging applications (SMS, e-mail and instant messaging) already on your phone.

Works with all phones

Quick to setup

Connect to virtually any database or web service without coding. Simply install, configure and use. Soutions can be up and running within minutes!

Works with all phones

Easy to use, completely free

Simply send an email, SMS or instant message to retrieve, add or update important business information. Makes access to relevant business info for employees and customers easy.

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This whitepaper explores messaging as a tool for self-service use by employees and customers. Download

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Employee Brochure

This brochure gives a quick overview of how MobileDataNow can help employees do their jobs better. Download

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Customers Brochure

This brochure gives a quick overview of how MobileDataNow can benefit a company's customers. Download