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Use email, sms or instant messaging to
query database and webservice information

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The Quickest...and Smartest Way to access information via mobile


I just wanted to tell you that the demo to our client went extremely well and the MDN software worked flawlessly. The client will be proceeding with an MDN based solution.
RM, Canada


MobileDataNow lets an organization provide one-click access to business applications and services from any mobile device using sms, email or instant messaging - all for free!

This is achieved by simply sending a message to retrieve, add or update important business information.

Not only is this a very fast, easy and efficient way of remotely accessing information, it's a concept easily understood by any user of a mobile phone.

This results in more effective employee self-service and customer self-service, for which the benefits are greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs, something every successful organization strives for.

Quick Demo of MobileDataNow in Action

Below is representative of how MobileDataNow could be used to retrieve information using a Blackberry Smartphone. (mouse over to zoom in)

MobileDataNow Fits Easily in to an Organization


Integrates in to Existing Infrastructure
Middleware connects directly to messaging servers and datasources without any coding or integration hassles. No need to open new ports and all configuration can be done locally.

Connect to Virtually any Database or Web Service
Connect via JDBC or ODBC drivers to virtually any database. Connect to simple and complex type web services via a WSDL url without any coding.

Use Email, SMS or Instant Messaging to Retrieve, Add or Update Data
Supports any type of messaging using email (IMAP with SSL and TLS), SMS (GSM Modem or SMPP Protocol) and instant messaging (Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, ICQ, AIM, GTalk).

Security with User and Group Level Permissions and Identity Management
Group level permissions (admin, sales, technical etc) with user level access. Generic queries can be related back to a user to send back specific user information. Optional public group access.

Easily Create Queries with the Query Builder
Use natural language to easily create queries, SQL syntax is then created on the fly. Optionally write more complex SQL syntax directly.

Test your Queries Before Deployment
Test general queries and then format your message for end-users and test again to see how the end-user will see it.

Two-way Interaction
End-users send a query and receive a reply instantly. Replies can also be created for continued interaction.

Quick and Easy Installation.
Download, install and you're up and running in a few minutes.


No Changes Needed to Existing Infrastructure
Save time and cost by needing only to connect to existing services. No coding is necessary.

Works with Every Mobile Phone
Since messaging applications are inbuilt in to every mobile device, no extra client software is needed, saving integration and incompatibility hassles, development costs and resources for training.

No Training Necessary
End-users only need to know how to send a message, since this is assumed then no training is necessary.

Future Proof Since it's Messaging
Since messaging is everywhere and standardized, there's no need to purchase new mobile devices and you can be confident it will work with all future mobile devices.

Takes Minutes to Setup and Make Changes, Not Days or Weeks
MobileDataNow provides a smooth workflow providing maximum usability to ensure setup and configuration is as easy as posible.

No Coding Necessary
MobileDataNow has been designed to ensure no coding is necessary, from the query builder to the web services wizard, programming knowledge is not required.

Faster Than a Browser or Client Application.
Messaging is simple and is familiar to all users. It's very fast to send a simple message and does not require cumbersome navigation of menus and remembering logins to browser and client applications.

Want to know more?

See the Technical Information or, Download MobileDataNow to try (it's completely free).