MobileDataNow Laptop

Use email, sms or instant messaging to
query database and webservice information

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Development Road Map

The following is a roadmap of development based on version numbers.
Any suggestions or enhancement ideas are appreciated. Please email

Version 1.32

Released - 3 April 2008
  • Import/Export all settings to an XML file.
  • Usability improvements to installer and screens
  • Message 'Help' to retrieve query help info
  • Public messageing controls to stop spam/abuse

Version 2.0

Released - 22 October 2008
  • Expand on 'Help' to retrieve query help info
  • SMPP v3.4 for bulk 2-way sms
  • TLS for email
  • New user interface
  • Auto database migration
  • Math functions in queries
  • Usability improvements to installer
  • Extra licensing options - per message, annual, perpetual
  • Date/Time in queries
  • Success and failure messages for insert/update queries
  • Event viewer showing services activity
  • Custom Query values for extracting user info in generic queries
  • So many bug fixes

Version 2.01

Released - 14 September 2009
  • Removed licensing

Version 2.1

  • Connect to Web Services via WSDL url (in source code but never built)
  • Permissions to INSERT in to tables.

Version 2.5

  • Extract public user requests and send to someone by email
  • Active directory/LDAP integration
  • MMS support via wap push
  • Unicode for SMS
  • Linux version

  • Version 3.0

    • Alerts
    • Dynamically update database tables
    • Data Validation

    Other Ideas Not Scheduled:

    • Create views across different datasources to create mashups
    • Forms: User requests a form and MDN sends a pre-formatted form to the user. User fills in the fields and sends back. Form is updated in database.
    • API's for other things
    • Deployment screen. Will automatically send users' details how to access their information.
    • Upgrade to OpenLaszlo 4 for the GUI - potential speed increase and support for Flash 9 and AJAX interface
    • API to let developers connect to other services which offer a software API such as UPS and FEDEX for shipment tracking.
    • Password before retrieve info. In case companies want their users to send a password before accessing info, which times out if inactive after x minutes. (2 factor authentication)
    • NLP for making queries easier for end-users to write
    • Remember public user requests as favourites
    • One user can send a message to alert many users
    • Add in browser support for accessing database info via browser