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The Blackberry Smartphone Advantage

The Answer is Just a Click Away on your Blackberry Smartphone

Users of Blackberry devices know the Blackberry smartphone is made for messaging. The speed and the usability are superior to many other mobile devices. Combined with MobileDataNow, Blackberry smartphones are the perfect companion enabling you to get answers to your business queries quickly by email.

MobileDataNow excels with Blackberry smartphones in many ways. The responsiveness of push-email to give you email anywhere and at anytime, the ability to quickly send an email and the large amount of information which can be handled make it an ideal solution for a mobile workforce to receive information.

Take advantage of using your Blackberry with MobileDataNow.

Below is an Example of Retrieving Information Using A Blackberry Smartphone

Manage More Information Than SMS

With a Blackberry smartphone you won't have the limits of sms with 160 characters. While MobileDataNow supports long sms messaging, your Blackberry smartphone easily supports large amounts of text and there's also no per message cost.

Work Faster, Get Information More Quickly With A Blackberry Smartphone

Since a Blackberry smartphone has a usable keyboard, its quick and easy to type a query and in a few seconds you'll have your answer back. When you need to refer back to that information again, it's right there in your inbox. Additionally, if you want to update data, like meeting notes, its easy to tap them out on your Blackberry smartphone in no time.

With MobileDataNow, there's no software to install on your Blackberry smartphone and you can get a simple solution working in as little as 20 minutes.