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Public Access to Information

Business Overview:

Consumers are increasingly aware of the ease of using messaging to get information and communicate via their mobile devices. Since messaging is standardized, ubiquitous and very easy to use, organizations find it is an easy way to give consumers access to data.

For organizations who want to make some of their information publicly available, messaging offers a simple way for consumers to access this public information via their mobile device. Since messaging is quick, simple to use and does not require training, it offers consumers access to information from anywhere and offers the organization the opportunity to promote their brand, reduce costs and improve customer relationships.

The MobileDataNow Advantage:

MobileDataNow enables public information to be available to mobile consumers using any device with inbuilt messagign applications (email, sms or instant messaging). Consumers can retrieve the same information as they would through a PC, but have the added benefit of accessing public information when and where they choose.

MobileDataNow's approach to mobilizing public information ensures a quick setup without any changes to existing infrastructure. No need for coding and the use of standards allows organizations to extend the reach of their systems to mobile consumers from any location on any mobile device. MobileDataNow eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a separate mobile infrastructure enabling organizations to accelerate the ROI on existing systems and applications.

MobileDataNow removes the need for consumers to learn a new way of accessing content as messaging is familiar to everyone. You can be confident consumers will receive timely information when and where they need it and in a format they can easily understand, leading to greater brand recognition, potential customer acquisition and consumer satisfaction.

Business Benefits:

Publicly available infomation offers many tangible business benefits, ranging from reduced customer support costs to improved branding and potential customer acquisition.
  • McKinsey estimates that the cost of a typical call center transaction ranges between $8-10. Customer studies show that mobile customer self-service can reduce the cost of simple query resolution by up to 95%.
  • Publicly available mobile information offers organizations the opportunity to target and acquire new customer segments that value mobility and real-time access to personal information - leading to increased customer growth and revenue.
  • Strengthen brand positioning as innovative and future-oriented by offering consumers the information to mobile ahead of competitors.
  • Improve customer retention by offering customers another, more convenient, channel though which to communicate with you.
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue through campaigns during mobile interactions to increase profitability.